Monkey Bear Yoga

A Story About a Monkey and a Bear

Monkey Bear Yoga was named after my names of endearment for my children. Around the age of 8 and 4, Maya bear and Kairav monkey began to join my practice. They enjoyed playing with the poses and even practiced watching their breath. One day, Kairav’s preschool teacher told me that he takes a deep breath in and out before trying anything new. Like many kids, Kairav had a tough time separating from me the first year of school and a fear of the unknown. He was able to work through his anxieties by becoming aware of his breath. That was the moment Monkey Bear Yoga was born in my mind. I continued to practice with my children and watched the shift in their reactions and responses to stressful situations, the unknown and everyday confrontations. Maya, my sensitive child, also adopted self calming techniques by practicing yoga. She learned to close her eyes and turn inward during taxing moments. Her once quick anger turned to an admission that maybe a hug was in order. I knew that yoga had helped her give voice to her inner needs. 

The practice of yoga is beneficial to kids, caretakers and teachers. It is often that these individuals do not have time or the resources to visit a yoga studio. Monkey Bear Yoga brings the yoga practice into the spaces we share in our community. Yoga fosters the whole child. Many of us live in a high speed, fast paced environment that can be taxing to our spirit and sense of self. Children experience stress and anxiety just as adults do. Through movement, breathing techniques and imaginative play children can begin to explore their authentic self. Caretakers and Teachers benefit by practicing yoga with children as well. Practicing yoga together creates a unique space where both the child and adult can share each other’s company free of expectations. Monkey Bear Yoga wants to create these peaceful spaces in our community.

Monkey Bear Yoga can bring yoga and mindfulness into your classroom. Contact me to book a class, teacher training or yoga program for your school or community. 

I would like to continue my practice of seva, selfless service, by serving our most underfunded school districts. Let’s discuss how we can bring a comprehensive program to your school district at a minimal or no cost.