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Movement is the Body’s Poetry

Live Streamed and On Demand Classes for Children, Teens and Adults.

Yoga For  Every  Body


I teach a range of classes for adults at all stages of life. There are beginner to advanced classes, prenatal classes, and much needed restorative classes to soothe our frazzled nerves.



The children's yoga classes are playful- using imagination and storytelling. In the teen classes we expand our asana practice as well as navigate emotions and thoughts through yoga principles.



Contact me today to learn more about the private lessons I offer! I will curate the class based off of your needs and goals. Message me to learn more.


At home classes for both adults and children of any age!

Yoga for Kids- Monday 4pm PST
40 minutes of yoga practice through storytelling, interactive play, and movement exploration. Young yogis will learn asanas (poses) and breathing exercises (pranayama) to unite the mind, body and breath in harmony.

Yoga Align - Tuesday 9am PST
60 minute classes for Beginners to learn the Fundamentals of Yoga. Focus is on alignment and structure of basic yoga asanas. Perfect for those new to yoga!

Teen Yoga- Wednesday 4pm PST
Yoga for Teens explores the guiding principles of yoga as they relate to their everyday life. We will practice asana, explore creative movement and relax our mind and body in a nourishing savasana each class.

Little Yogis- Thursdays 2pm PST
30 minute of yoga play and practice for the littlest yogi. We will weave our imagination into our yoga practice with storytelling and playful movement.

Poetry in Motion- Fridays 9am PST
45 Minutes of joyful, playful movement  to wake up the body, mind and heart! 

On Demand Experience


New Content for the whole family added weekly to keep your practice interesting. On Demand only Restorative Yoga Classes to fit into your schedule to help you to
de-stress, decompress, and restore the body and mind. These gentle classes are good for any level of ability.


"Kavita is one of those hidden gems that you get lucky with! I met Kavita 2 years ago when my health issues had reached rock bottom. 9 years ago I had a traumatic surgery which caused a flurry of health issues. When it comes to my body I have very high standards on who I would trust my health with and Kavita has been nothing but a blessing. She is extremely sensitive and worked with my body and its issues in such a positive, warmth manner. I have gained strength, flexibility and most important of all awareness. She has helped me be more mindful of my body and I have seen drastic improvements in reduced chronic back pain along with other areas. I am extremely grateful for all the improvements I have experienced and continue to till date."


“Kavita has been such a blessing during the shelter in place. My children look forward to their weekly classes with Kavita. She teaches the principles of yoga and keeps the classes engaging for kids of all ages with creative topics!  She is kind, compassionate, incredibly skilled, and has an excellent rapport with children and adults. Thank you Kavita!"


"Kavita Patel is a calm and compassionate yoga instructor to both children and adults. During the shelter in place my child and I both got an opportunity to experience the benefits of her Yoga practice. I feel her cues are spot on to help achieve the intensity you are looking for and guide your body in a healthy manner to its best flexibility and strength. In her sessions she maintains a good pace and  chooses each yoga pose with a purpose in mind and helps to transition into new poses all along offering modifications to manage any body limitations. I feel refreshed, positive, and I truly feel I gained that extra bit more flexibility my body needed after each session. During her child yoga classes she incorporates creative topics (i.e., trip to the rainforest, move like a lizard) in a fun and lively manner. Truly worth your time and your body, mind and soul will thank you for it."


"Kavita has been amazing for our family. We love both our adult classes on Friday mornings and our children's classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. During these times where we can only get together virtually, Kavita's yoga practices feel like you are there with her (and she's definitely keeping an eye on you, correcting you when needed to get the most out of each session). Yoga with Kavita has truly become a can't miss weekly family activity."


I have had classes with Kavita for several years.  She is an excellent teacher.  Kavita helps you learn yoga positions correctly and safely, and makes it fun!


7 years ago I attended my first yoga class and Kavita was the instructor. From that first class, I made yoga a part of my life and I credit Kavita with that decision! Kavita is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable and patient. She always offers modifications for poses. Kavita’s classes keep me fit, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I host a monthly donation based class for charity. This month we are raising money for Feeding America!


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